AI Led Transformation

Veltris Insight is our end-to-end expertise in data processing, model training, and serving that helps you realize the true potential of your AI initiatives. It brings together the understanding and know-how of diverse technologies, tools, platforms, and frameworks to make it easy to build, train, and deploy AI models at scale.

Deploying AI at scale

Veltris Insight leverages open source software modules and custom-built components to accelerate the time-to-deployment of AI solutions. Our systematic approach of identifying business needs through use case discovery and designing and building innovative AI solutions for deployment and scale translates data insights into business value.

Data Processing

AI Training

AI Serving

Reimagining AI Deployment in Real-World Scenarios

Veltris Insight framework has been validated with multiple use cases across diverse industries. The workflow is implementation-agnostic, and we augment support to all new algorithms and AI frameworks.

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